The 2021 Sustainability Business Expo was all about understanding and addressing the problems we have created when it comes to waste. Through our 3 events (information webinar, Innovation Hackathon and the two-day Sustainable Business Conference & Tradeshow), each event goes deeper into the problem and the necessity to take action now. The breakout sessions from the Sustainable Business Conference & Tradeshow will take you through the various steps local leading organisations are taking to create a more sustainable world.

  1. 1
    • Day 1 Opening Remarks & Keynote Presentation - REfficient

    • When can one firm’s (food) waste become another firm’s treasure?

    • Rethink To Reduce Waste

    • Canada’s Steel Industry: A Sustainable Choice

    • Our Waterways: Protecting from Pollution

    • City of Hamilton's Actions on the Climate Change Emergency

    • Why is waste a problem and what are the implications?

    • Day 1 Closing Remarks

  2. 2
    • Day 2 Opening Remarks & Keynote Presentation - Municipal Waste Association

    • Federal Sustainable Development Strategy

    • An Introduction to Reuse Systems

    • COIL: Driving Circular Food Innovation in Guelph-Wellington

    • Driving Our Clean Energy Future

    • Decarbonizing Building Heating Through Innovative District Energy Systems

    • Zero-waste Operations and Commuting Through Remote Work

    • Regenerative Processes as a Blueprint for our Circular Bioeconomy

    • Driving Circular Economy for Blue Box Materials and Electronics in Ontario

    • Day 2 Closing Remarks